Session 1 Comes to an End

Welcome to the last, but still great, addition of the NIAHD blog! The students danced with the Heritage Dancers, went on a photographic scavenger hunt, and proved their skills by answering jeopardy questions on their respective courses. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Congratulations to the seminars who proved victorious.


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2016 Session 1: Week 2 Recap

As the second week of NIAHD comes to a close, we of the blogosphere write to give you a short update on the exciting adventures the students had over the past week.


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Week 1 of the 2016 Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

Welcome to the NIAHD blog! For those of you who are not with us—going to the field trips, experiencing Colonial Williamsburg, and discovering all of the glorious facets of history nerddom—this is the chance for you to get a bit of a taste of NIAHD. Written by one of the fearless RPAs, it is my privilege to bring you a glimpse of what our students have been up to this past week.


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NIAHD Announces 13 Guest Speakers for Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

Each summer, NIAHD invites historians, archaeologists, curators and historical character interpreters to speak with our students, lead behind-the-scenes tours and provide unique experiences that can’t be found in a typical classroom setting.  This year, NIAHD is excited to welcome the following individuals:


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Amy, We’re Not in Colonial Williamsburg Anymore: In Which the Broadway Hit Hamilton is Seen and Reviewed



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The Economy of Antebellum America: Industry and Slavery

Moving further into the 19th century, “Civil War” students took a look at the economy of a burgeoning new nation during Week 2 of the Pre-Collegiate Program.  Centered around industry in the North and slavery in the South, America grew into a divided nation.  As a border state, Virginia’s economy relied on both industry and slavery, evidence of which can still be studied and exhibited today.


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Living the High Life in Colonial Virginia

During the colonial period, Virginia stood apart as the wealthiest of the original thirteen colonies, so it should be no surprise that its inhabitants were some of the wealthiest and most prominent settlers living in all of America at the time.  In week 2 of the Pre-Collegiate Program, our “Colonial” students took in depth look at the life and times of some of Virginia’s richest residents by visiting the beautiful homes they built and the legacies they left behind.


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Session 2 continues with visits to Jamestown and Charlottesville

Wrapping up Week 1 of the Pre-Collegiate Program students got up close and personal with history.  Colonial students closed out their unit on the founding of Jamestown with an extremely hands-on visit to Jamestown Settlement while Civil War students got an unexpected surprise from one of America’s Founding Fathers.


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So much to do, so little time

Session 2 of the 2015 Pre-Collegiate Summer Program in Early American History is off to a running start.  In only four days, the 55 students who arrived this past weekend have already had a taste of nearly everything that NIAHD has to offer.  Here’s a brief recap (with photos!) of what our students have been up to.


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The NIAHD Times Dispatch: A Video is Worth Many Words?

YouTube Preview Image

Dear Parents/Readers,

I apologize for this extremely short entry, but three weeks has left me rather weary. In lieu of words , I humbly submit the gift of an End of Session Video. I greatly hope that you enjoy this collection of images of trips, dancing, speakers and other activities. Your children had a wonderful time with us and we enjoyed having them. Enjoy the video. It’s long, but it has to be to show you how much is done at NIAHD. 🙂

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