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The Unwanted: A Review

One Woman Wonder: A Review of Colonial Williamsburg’s The Unwanted

Pin cushion displayed in Colonial Williamsburg’s “Threads of Feeling” exhibition
As people who have read this blog before know, I am a big fan of Colonial Williamsburg’s Wolf by the Ears. Great, great play to see. However, this article is not about Wolf by the Ears. This [...]

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The Essence of NIAHD–A Summer Pre-Collegiate Alumna Reflects

Contributed by Lena Zlock, Pre-Collegiate Program 2012
It is tempting to think NIAHD is “history camp”: severely antisocial nerds huddle together, squealing over George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This is something I personally may do, but NIAHD is far from perpetuating the dweeb stereotype. It is a thrilling warp in the fabric of time, where the [...]

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NIAHD Pre-Collegiate DOs and DON’Ts with Jefferson and Henry and Margaret

Dear Pre-Collegiate Students,
Hip! Hip! HUZZAH! It’s almost that most wonderful time of year: NIAHD time! Last year, I posted a list of ten rules that Pre-Collegiate students should follow. This year I decided to do something a little more different and creative. So, I will be presenting lists of 10 NIAHD DOs and 10 NIAHD [...]

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Mea Culpa! Second Session’s First Half in a Nutshell

My apologies for the long delay in reporting on second session.  It seems that I underestimated the time it would take to write daily blog entries along with traveling, teaching a section, and completing the rest of my administrative duties.  Mea culpa!
For writeups on the visits and visitors, I will refer you to previously written [...]

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A Tale of Two Capitals

On Monday, the two seminars headed back out on field trips, focusing this week on the two great wars in Virginia history and the two capitals that were their stages.

The Civil War Seminar headed down to Hampton, VA to follow the steps of the Union forces as they attempted to capture Richmond in 1862. Fort [...]

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