Session 1 Wrap-Up – “Civil War” Course

At last, after two weeks of referring to this group of 24 students as the “Civil War” group, they finally got to move beyond the Antebellum era and begin studying the events and places that were directly affected by the Civil War.


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Session 1 Wrap-up – “Colonial” Course

For two weeks, “Colonial” students have tracked early American history over the course of almost 200 years beginning with the founding of Jamestown.  In the last week, they moved into the last decade of the colonial period leading to the American Revolution.  Never content to focus on only one aspect of any historical event, the sites visited encouraged students to look at the Revolution from every angle.


Session 1 Goes Beyond the Classroom

Students have been on the move since Day 1 of the Pre-Collegiate Program.  They have been to so many places and done so many new and exciting things, but it’s still hard to believe their time at W&M is almost up.  With Week 3 coming a close, allow us to reflect on aspects of the Program that go beyond field trips and classroom discussion.  After all, one of the things that sets the NIAHD Pre-Collegiate Program apart from others is our dedication to a comprehensive, pre-college experience.


Flash Mob – Pre-Col Edition


The Long and the Short of it

The academic core of the NIAHD Pre-Collegiate Program is learning through experience.  Readings and lectures provide background and context, discussions hone ideas; but, the students’ true understanding of history comes from seeing it for themselves.  Virginia is rich with historical treasures.  While many of these treasures can be found right here in Williamsburg, sometimes our students have to travel a bit further.


The Pre-Collegiate Program is Back!

The NIAHD Pre-Collegiate Program is back in action for another exciting summer!

An uncharacteristically cold winter that lengthened many school calendars was no deterrent for the fifty students who arrived in Williamsburg on Sunday.  Some of these students had not even been out of school for more than 72 hours before the Pre-Collegiate Program began.  The hefty collection of readings waiting for them in their dorm rooms was surely a daunting reminder of the rigorous academic workload ahead of them.  But each one of these students was selected because we knew they would rise to the challenge.  As Dr. James Whittenburg told Session 1 students during Orientation on Sunday night, “There was something in your essay, something in the recommendation from your teacher, something in your transcript that showed us you have a passion for history.”  And NIAHD is thrilled to share our passion for history with each one of our bright and talented students.  Here’s a look at what they had to tackle in the first week:


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Pre-Collegiate Program By the Numbers

When the summer is over and Fall classes begin, this is the time when the NIAHD can regroup and really start evaluating the success of the previous summer and the progress of NIAHD as a whole.  After 12 consecutive summers, the Pre-Collegiate Program has continued to grow and grow.  Here’s a brief overview of the Program by the numbers:


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NIAHD Pre-Collegiate DOs and DON’Ts with Jefferson and Henry and Margaret

Dear Pre-Collegiate Students,

Hip! Hip! HUZZAH! It’s almost that most wonderful time of year: NIAHD time! Last year, I posted a list of ten rules that Pre-Collegiate students should follow. This year I decided to do something a little more different and creative. So, I will be presenting lists of 10 NIAHD DOs and 10 NIAHD DON’Ts with a little bit of written explanation and photo explanations with help from my two lovely assistants/ pretend NIAHD students, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Don’t get excited, it’s not the CW versions, who you will be seeing during the NIAHD program, but rather doll versions of the Founding Fathers. Yes, they are mine, not a younger relative’s dolls. I have no shame in admitting that. Well, let’s first go through what Pre-Collegiate shouldn’t do while they are at the program.


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Give Me the Peninsula or Give Me Death!

Which fiery orator supported, even helped start, the American Revolution, but refused to sign the American Constitution? Who tried and failed at two separate occupations before becoming a successful attorney (by way of a bartender)?


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It Was Hot, and We Were Awesome

This weekend was kind of a giant sigh of relief for us, in more ways than one. Students enjoyed the break from classes, of course, while all of us were grateful that last weekend’s wild weather did not repeat itself!


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