Time flies when you’re in the Pre-College Program

Either that time machine we history lovers have been dreaming about has finally come to fruition, or the NIAHD Pre-College Program, Session 1, has just been flying by! By now, the students have settled into the routine of the program. And we (the Resident Program Assistants, or RPAs) have been enjoying watching them become more confident as they explore Virginia’s historic sites, attend seminar classes and lectures, and get a taste of college life. But also, our twenty-something legs can hardly keep up with this energetic bunch; is it nap time yet?


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What a week!



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2016 Session 1: Week 2 Recap

As the second week of NIAHD comes to a close, we of the blogosphere write to give you a short update on the exciting adventures the students had over the past week.


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Week 1 of the 2016 Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

Welcome to the NIAHD blog! For those of you who are not with us—going to the field trips, experiencing Colonial Williamsburg, and discovering all of the glorious facets of history nerddom—this is the chance for you to get a bit of a taste of NIAHD. Written by one of the fearless RPAs, it is my privilege to bring you a glimpse of what our students have been up to this past week.


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NIAHD Announces 13 Guest Speakers for Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

Each summer, NIAHD invites historians, archaeologists, curators and historical character interpreters to speak with our students, lead behind-the-scenes tours and provide unique experiences that can’t be found in a typical classroom setting.  This year, NIAHD is excited to welcome the following individuals:


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The End of Session 2

The students have departed and the  2014 Pre-Collegiate Summer Program in Early American History has come to a close.   The final week of the program for any session is a whirlwind of emotion and activity as students hustle to finish their essays and savor the last days spent with new friends.  For the final blog entry of the 2014 Pre-Collegiate Program, allow us to forgo the extended explications.  Images capture memories better than words.  Here is the last week of the 2014 Pre-Collegiate Program as seen through the eyes of our students and RPAs.  Enjoy.


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A Tutorial on English Country Dancing (w/ Pictures)

“Next to good-breeding,” said [Lord Chesterfield (1694-1773)], “is genteel manners and carriage,” and the best method to acquire these is through a knowledge of dance.  “Now to acquire a graceful air, you must attend to your dancing; no one can either sit, stand, or walk well, unless he dances well.”  Source: Joseph E. Marks III, American Learns to Dance: A Historical Study of Dance Education in American Before 1900 (New York: Exposition Press, 1957), pp. 47-48.


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Adapting and Learning

Week 2 of the Pre-Collegiate Program presented several challenges for both students and staff.  Students – especially those in the “Civil War” course – traveled farther than they ever imagined we would take them.  And a rainy day forced students in the “Colonial” course to rearrange two day whole days, combining two trips into one.  When it was all said and done, the students adapted well and still brought their A-games to every discussion.  Here are some of the highlights from Week 2…


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2014 Session 2 – Week 1

By all accounts, the first week of the Pre-Collegiate Program is the most challenging.  The students find themselves in unfamiliar environments surrounded by 60+ strangers.  But Pre-Col students persevere.  Driven by the desire to meet new people and a willingness to let our instructors turn everything they know about American history on its head, they take it in stride and keep moving forward.  The reward?  New friends, new stories, and  a deeper understanding of history.  Here’s a look at just a few of the places they went in that first week:


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Jim Holloway Set the Stage for Session 2

Session 2 of the 2014 Pre-Collegiate Program has officially begun.  But before we sent our 50 new students out in the NIAHD vans, we whet their appetites for history with an introduction to historical interpretation by Jim Holloway, Director of Museum Education Services and Operations at the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation.  Mr. Holloway returns every session with an engaging presentation.  Using photos and reproduction artifacts, he presented history in a fashion that made the students begin thinking like expert historians.  Here are just a few of the highlights from Mr. Holloway’s presentation:


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