NIAHD Announces 13 Guest Speakers for Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

Each summer, NIAHD invites historians, archaeologists, curators and historical character interpreters to speak with our students, lead behind-the-scenes tours and provide unique experiences that can’t be found in a typical classroom setting.  This year, NIAHD is excited to welcome the following individuals:


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NIAHD at (almost) 12

It is hard to believe that NIAHD is well into its second decade, and Jim and Carolyn Whittenburg’s concept of an interdisciplinary public history program has grown into its title.  We now draw students from all corners of the country (internationally as well), we offer courses and programs from the pre-collegiate level to advanced undergraduate studies, and we have become a recognized institution at William and Mary.


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Film Presentation–Down in the Old Belt: Voices from the Tobacco South


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