A Tale of Two Capitals

On Monday, the two seminars headed back out on field trips, focusing this week on the two great wars in Virginia history and the two capitals that were their stages.


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Twister and Shout!

Some of our aspiring archaeologists woke up bright and early Saturday morning to help excavate the site of Fairfield Plantation. Fairfield was a large manor house built in 1694 by one of colonial Virginia’s most esteemed families, and it survived all the way to the 1880s when it burned down. Archaeologists Dave Brown and Laura Buchannan from the Fairfield Foundation taught our students to use objects in the ground to piece together the story of the people who lived there over two hundred years of the house’s existence, especially those who didn’t make it into the historical record such as enslaved Africans. Through dirt and sweat, NIAHD students are helping to find pieces of the archaeo-historical puzzle.


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