Give Me the Peninsula or Give Me Death!

Which fiery orator supported, even helped start, the American Revolution, but refused to sign the American Constitution? Who tried and failed at two separate occupations before becoming a successful attorney (by way of a bartender)?


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It Was Hot, and We Were Awesome

This weekend was kind of a giant sigh of relief for us, in more ways than one. Students enjoyed the break from classes, of course, while all of us were grateful that last weekend’s wild weather did not repeat itself!


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Boats and Votes: The U.S.S. Monitor and Political Power in Colonial Virginia

Governor's Palace


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Honor and the Dishonorable Institution



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A Castle, a Crypt, and Court End

On Friday, the Colonial class visited Bacon’s Castle, one of the oldest (if not the oldest) surviving houses in America.  It is, as students quickly learned, neither a castle nor the abode of Nathaniel Bacon, but it is nevertheless a fascinating architectural artifact.  Students learn how to ‘read’ a house, looking for the ‘ghosts’ of structures or features that no longer exist.  It also displays a beautiful decorative feature known as a Flemish Gable, one of the very few left in America! (more…)

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