Summer 2016 of the Pre-Collegiate Program Comes to a Close

We’ve reached the final day of activities for students of NIAHD’s Pre-Collegiate Summer Program in Early American History.  When they first arrived, 3 weeks seemed like a long time, but now that we are so near the end we find ourselves wondering where did the time go?  They’ve traveled all over Virginia (and even into North Carolina) to uncover the history of early America and Week 3 was no different.  Here are a few highlights from the past week’s field trips and events.

Dancing the night away

NIAHD started off the week by inviting the Williamsburg Heritage Dancers to perform a series of traditional English country line dances for our students.  While the Heritage Dancers wowed us with their fancy footwork and technical dances, it wasn’t just the professionals taking center stage.  Between exhibition dances, the Heritage Dancers partnered up with Pre-Col students and taught them several dances throughout the evening.

From Williamsburg to the Back-Country and Back Again

Colonial students had two long days of field trips this week, one of which took them all the way out to the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, VA.  Here they learned about folks living in the back country and were able to tour structures that looked very different from the massive gentry homes visited during Week 2.

As they moved closer to studying the Revolutionary period, Colonial students stayed closer to home with visits to Colonial Williamsburg and Historic Yorktown where so many key events of the Revolutionary War took place.

The Civil War (finally!)

After two weeks of looking at the years leading up to the Civil War, our “Civil War” students spent this last full week looking at the war itself, including it’s outcome, the toll on took on the population of a still-young nation, and how the war is remembered.

For most students, the highlight of the week was a visit to The Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, VA.  This world-class museum not only houses amazing, interactive exhibits, it also showcases the research going on at the USS Monitor Center.  Here, conservationists are working to preserve the turret from the USS Monitor that was recovered from the ocean floor 15 years ago.  Pre-Collegiate students were given a special behind-the-scenes tour with a couple of the conservationists to see the wet and dry labs and several artifacts (both big and small) that are not yet on display to regular guests.

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over for NIAHD.  It’s been an exciting and an eventful season.  Be sure to check back again next summer when we welcome a new group of adventurous students to the Pre-Collegiate Program!


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