Week 2 of Session 2

Week 2 of Session 2 was a busy week (hence the reason for this tardy blog).  So let’s dispense with overly-descriptive pleasantries and get right to the action.

Colonial Field Trips

The “Colonial” class spent their second week deeply embedded in the lives of the gentry class.  They toured several plantation homes (some of which are still livable) to see how some of the wealthiest colonial landowners lived during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.  Among these homes were Rosewell Plantation, Westover Plantation, and Shirley Plantation.

Colonial students also took advantage of the most colonial of all vacation destinations: Colonial Williamsburg.  On Monday morning, students were given a tour of the Carter House by architectural historian, Dr. Carl Lounsbury, where some new discoveries about the history of this home are just beginning to come to light.  Students also toured the Randolph House, went on a scavenger hunt in the trade shops, and learned about material culture at the Arts Museum of Colonial Williamsburg.

Civil War Field Trips

“Civil War” students continued their study of the Antebellum Era with multiple visits to Richmond and a continuing look at the institutions of slavery and honor in the south.  In Richmond, students toured the homes of John Wickham and John Marshall, who both played major roles in the treason trial of Aaron Burr in 1807.  Students also studied the industrialization of Richmond that made it such a crucial target during the Civil War (as students will learn this week).

After staying relatively close to Williamsburg, on Thursday, students loaded into the vans for their longest drive of the program to visit Somerset Place in North Carolina.  This plantation home was unique for its documentation of slave families and for the preservation of those records.  Students were able to tour the reconstructed slave quarters and many of the outbuildings that large estates possessed.

Week 3 is already off to an exciting start so even though the program is quickly coming to end the classes and field trips will continue.

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