NIAHD Session 2 from the Dorms

Week one of NIAHD is already over and it certainly went fast! While students spent their days on trips across the state of Virginia, they had a number of opportunities to explore other aspects of history on evenings and the weekend.


Monday evening students met Dr. Dave Brown, who spoke to them about understanding history through archaeology. His talk got students so excited that over half of them chose to go try their hand at digging themselves. Early Saturday morning students and RPAs drove to Fairfield in Gloucester County, where they got to work with Dr. Brown. Students found objects that no humans had handled for hundreds of years, including bricks, buttons, and ceramics. After hours of digging students returned to the dorms hot and sweaty, but excited to return next weekend.

Monday and Saturday were not the only exciting events students took place in, however. During the rest of the week students took part in many other historical experiences. On Wednesday evening they met Thomas Jefferson (also known as Bill Barker) who spoke with them about his time at the College of William and Mary and his time as president. Students were able to ask President Jefferson about what he wished he had accomplished and Mr. Barker about his experiences interpreting Thomas Jefferson.

Thursday and Friday students had the chance to take part in English country dancing. Students joined Dr. Amy Stallings to learn the steps and turns of the 18th century’s most popular dance form. During the third week of the program students will have the chance to try out their moves with the Heritage Dancers in the Great Hall of the Wren Building.

Saturday evening students got to attend a sporting match, though one a little different than what they might be used to. A historic cricket team played a match and taught students the basic rules of the game. Afterword, students had the chance to get involved themselves and play a match. While there may not have been a clear winner, students got to take part in something a little different

With the second week underway, those of us at the dorm are excited to take part in the next adventures that await us all!


Article contributed by Jill Found

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