NIAHD Session 2 from the Dorms

Week one of NIAHD is already over and it certainly went fast! While students spent their days on trips across the state of Virginia, they had a number of opportunities to explore other aspects of history on evenings and the weekend.


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The Pre-Col Courses: An Overview

Session 2 of the NIAHD Pre-Collegiate Program is off to an exciting start.  Week 1 saw the introduction of students to the College of William and Mary and the start of their classes.  They set out on field trips and have already logged over 450 miles travelled between the 2 courses.  To give you a better appreciation for the relevance of these sites, here’s an overview of each of the courses that our students may be studying.


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Session 1 Comes to an End

Welcome to the last, but still great, addition of the NIAHD blog! The students danced with the Heritage Dancers, went on a photographic scavenger hunt, and proved their skills by answering jeopardy questions on their respective courses. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Congratulations to the seminars who proved victorious.


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2016 Session 1: Week 2 Recap

As the second week of NIAHD comes to a close, we of the blogosphere write to give you a short update on the exciting adventures the students had over the past week.


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Week 1 of the 2016 Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

Welcome to the NIAHD blog! For those of you who are not with us—going to the field trips, experiencing Colonial Williamsburg, and discovering all of the glorious facets of history nerddom—this is the chance for you to get a bit of a taste of NIAHD. Written by one of the fearless RPAs, it is my privilege to bring you a glimpse of what our students have been up to this past week.


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