NIAHD Announces 13 Guest Speakers for Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

Each summer, NIAHD invites historians, archaeologists, curators and historical character interpreters to speak with our students, lead behind-the-scenes tours and provide unique experiences that can’t be found in a typical classroom setting.  This year, NIAHD is excited to welcome the following individuals:

Dr. David Brown

brownDr. David Brown (Ph.D., College of W&M, 2014) is co-director of the Fairfield Foundation Inc., a non-profit archaeological and historical research group in Gloucester County, Virginia, as well as a founding member of the Werowocomoco Research Group, currently studying the site of Werowocomoco, the principal residence of the Virginia Algonquian chief Powhatan from 1607-1609.

Dr. Brown will be conducting tours of Werowocomoco and Rosewell Plantation as well as leading the archaeology dig opportunities at Fairfield Plantation on Saturday mornings.

Ms. Jamie May, Mr. David Givens, and Ms. Merry Outlaw

Ms. Jamie May and Mr. David Givens are Senior Staff Archaeologists, and Ms. Merry Outlaw is the Curator of Collections with Preservation Virginia’s Jamestown Rediscovery archaeological project. Jamestown Rediscovery began in the mid-1990s and archaeologists soon found evidence of James Fort.  In the past two decades, Jamie May, David Givens, and other staff archaeologists have uncovered more than two million artifacts and thousands of archaeological features, which have changed our understanding of early Virginia.  These items are conserved and curated by Merry Outlaw and the conservation staff, and many are on display in Jamestown Rediscovery’s museum.

Ms. May, Mr. Givens, and Ms. Outlaw will provide tours of the archaeological site and museum, and a behind-the-scenes tour of the conservation lab for NIAHD’s “Colonial” classes.

Dr. Susan Kern

kernDr. Susan Kern (Ph.D., College of W&M, 2005) is the Executive Director of the Historic Campus at the College of William and Mary.  She also serves as Adjunct Associate Professor of History.  Her research interests include how the material world influences human behavior and interaction.  She is the author of The Jeffersons at Shadwell (Yale University Press, 2010), which won the Abbott Lowell Cummings Award and the Richard Slatten Award for excellence in Virginia biography.

Dr. Kern will be speaking on the history of museums.

Dr. Carl Lounsbury


Dr. Carl Lounsbury (Ph.D., George Washington University, 1982) is an author and leading expert on Architectural History and has been a member of the Architectural Research Department at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation since 1982.  His publications include The Courthouses of Early Virginia: An Architectural History (UVA Press, 2005) and Essays in Early American Architectural History: A View from the Chesapeake (UVA Press, 2011).  Dr. Lounsbury also serves as the NIAHD coordinator at Colonial Williamsburg and lecturer in the History Department at the College of W&M.

Dr. Lounsbury will be providing tours of the Carter House in Colonial Williamsburg for our “Colonial” classes.

Dr. Jody Allen

allenDr. Jody Allen (Ph.D., College of W&M, 2007) is a Visiting Assistant Professor of History at the College of W&M and director of the Lemon Project, a multifaceted endeavor exploring the history of the College of W&M’s role as slaveholder and proponent of Jim Crow.  Her research interests include African American History, history of the South, Race and Ethnicity, Women’s history, Gender and Sexuality.

Dr. Allen will be speaking in depth on her work with the Lemon Project.


Mr. Bill Barker


Mr. Bill Barker is an actor and character interpreter at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.  He has been portraying the role of Thomas Jefferson in many capacities since 1984 and first came to Williamsburg in 1993.

Mr. Thomas Jefferson will appear to regale our students with stories about his early life at the College of William and Mary and his political stance on the coming revolution.

Ms. Alexandra Finley

finleyMs. Alexandra Finley (M.A., College of W&M, 2013) is a Ph.D. candidate at the College of William and Mary.  She is currently serving as an Advisory Council Fellow at the McNeil Center for Early American History at the University of Pennsylvania.  Ms. Finley’s dissertation explores the economies of the domestic slave trade by looking at the intersection of slavery, family, and the marketplace.  In 2014, Ms. Finley made a guest appearance on the PBS television program “Finding Your Roots,” which documented the genealogical research she conducted of her family in the early 19th century and revealed that she was related to the show’s host, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Ms. Finley will be speaking on the Virginia Slave Trade.

Dr. Catherine Kerrison


Dr. Catherine Kerrison (Ph.D., College of W&M, 1999) is an Associate Professor of History at Villanova University.  Her research interests include Colonial America, Revolutionary America, Gender and Race in Early America, and Print Culture in the Anglo-Atlantic World.  Dr. Kerrison is also the author of several publications focusing on the women in Thomas Jefferson’s life.  Titles include: “Harriet Hemings: Daughter of the President’s Slave” (University of Georgia Press, 2015); “Sally Hemings” (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2011); and Claiming the Pen: Women and Intellectual Life in the Early American South (Cornell University Press, 2006).

Dr. Kerrison will be speaking about the life and legacy of Harriet Hemings.

Dr. Julie Richter

richterDr. Julie Richter (Ph.D., College of W&M, 1992) is NIAHD’s Director of Internships and a lecturer at the College of W&M.  Dr. Richter is also the Project Manager for the Virtual Jamestown.  Her research interests include African American History, history of the South, Material Culture, Public History, Women’s history, Gender and Sexuality.  Dr. Richter has worked as a historian for the Historical Research and Architectural Research Departments at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Dr. Richter will be lecturing on slavery in colonial Williamsburg for our “Colonial” classes.

Mr. Richard Schumann


Mr. Richard Schumann is an expert character interpreter at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.  He has been portraying the role of revolutionary patriot, Patrick Henry, for eighteen years.

Mr. Patrick Henry will be lecturing to our students about the trouble brewing between Great Britain and her American colonies.

Mr. J. Michael Moore

mooreMr. J. Michael Moore is the Curator and Registrar for Lee Hall Mansion and Endview Plantation in Newport News, VA.  He is co-author of Yorktown’s Civil War Siege (The History Press, 2012), which chronicles the Siege of Yorktown and explores its role in the 1862 Peninsula Campaign.

Mr. Moore will be providing in-depth tours of Lee Hall Mansion for our “Civil War” classes and speaking about the experiences of soldiers and civilians on the Virginia Peninsula in 1862.

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