The Economy of Antebellum America: Industry and Slavery

Moving further into the 19th century, “Civil War” students took a look at the economy of a burgeoning new nation during Week 2 of the Pre-Collegiate Program.  Centered around industry in the North and slavery in the South, America grew into a divided nation.  As a border state, Virginia’s economy relied on both industry and slavery, evidence of which can still be studied and exhibited today.


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Living the High Life in Colonial Virginia

During the colonial period, Virginia stood apart as the wealthiest of the original thirteen colonies, so it should be no surprise that its inhabitants were some of the wealthiest and most prominent settlers living in all of America at the time.  In week 2 of the Pre-Collegiate Program, our “Colonial” students took in depth look at the life and times of some of Virginia’s richest residents by visiting the beautiful homes they built and the legacies they left behind.


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