The Pre-Collegiate Program is Back!

The NIAHD Pre-Collegiate Program is back in action for another exciting summer!

An uncharacteristically cold winter that lengthened many school calendars was no deterrent for the fifty students who arrived in Williamsburg on Sunday.  Some of these students had not even been out of school for more than 72 hours before the Pre-Collegiate Program began.  The hefty collection of readings waiting for them in their dorm rooms was surely a daunting reminder of the rigorous academic workload ahead of them.  But each one of these students was selected because we knew they would rise to the challenge.  As Dr. James Whittenburg told Session 1 students during Orientation on Sunday night, “There was something in your essay, something in the recommendation from your teacher, something in your transcript that showed us you have a passion for history.”  And NIAHD is thrilled to share our passion for history with each one of our bright and talented students.  Here’s a look at what they had to tackle in the first week:


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