Session 2 Closes out the 2013 Pre-Collegiate Program

As quickly as it began, Session 2 of the Pre-Collegiate Program came to a close on Friday evening.  The last week of the program flew by even faster than the first as the students realized that their time for reading, finishing their journals, and spending time with new friends was far too fleating to savor.  For both groups, the session ends with an in-depth look at one of two riotous and defining moments in US History.  I’ll start with a glimpse of the trip highlights then continue scrolling down for a collection of pictures:


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More than just reading, writing, and field trips…

…the NIAHD Pre-Collegiate Program is about experiencing American history and college life first-hand.  Even when the students aren’t on field trips, we’re always finding unique ways for them to continue learning about history.  Here’s a brief overview of the exciting acitivities they had this summer:


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