Session 2 Week 2 – Going the Distance

During the second week of NIAHD, the Colonial and Civil War students traveled near and far in the pursuit of knowledge, experiencing duels, gothic ruins, and multi-seated necessaries along the way.


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And so it begins…again. Second Session Recap

The blog has been quiet for the last week and a half, but not for lack of activity.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  With the arrival of the students for 2nd Session, all hands are on deck and we are well underway.  After the students arrived two Sundays ago, they had only a little time to get settled before the activities began.  Here’s a look at the field trips and activities that have been keeping our students – and staff – so busy:


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…and Session 1 Ends

It is a “tradition,” it seems, that week three of the pre-collegiate program leaves little time time for reflection, and this year was no exception.  If you have been reading our intermitent posts, you’ll note that we have yet to publish anything on the last week of the program.  To  close out session one, I will post a large collection of pictures from a variety of week-three sites, and you’ll also find the final formal post on our visit to Richmond’s antebellum industrial zone.  We’ve enjoyed every minute and wish our students the best in their future endeavors.  We hope to see  you again.


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Week Two Flashed By…

During the second week of NIAHD, the Colonial and Civil War students experienced duels, gothic ruins, fireworks, and multi-seated necessaries.


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Slavery and Historic Houses–the End of Week 1

Contributed by Kyra Zemanick and Nichole Lidstrom, Resident Program Assistants

Students Center on Slavery at Historic Houses


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