Riding the Whirlwind–The First Days at NIAHD, Session1

NIAHD 2013 began with a whirlwind two days of icebreakers and IDs, computers classes and campus tours, seminars and those infamous sign-out sheets. And just when our Pre-Collegiate students thought we would never stop holding their hands, they were set free upon the vast ocean of time…or, at least, into the humid clime of Tidewater Virginia. On Tuesday and Wednesday, vans loaded and heavy readings in tow, our Pre-Collegiate students headed out to the opposite bookends of the American colonial story.


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The Essence of NIAHD–A Summer Pre-Collegiate Alumna Reflects

Contributed by Lena Zlock, Pre-Collegiate Program 2012

It is tempting to think NIAHD is “history camp”: severely antisocial nerds huddle together, squealing over George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This is something I personally may do, but NIAHD is far from perpetuating the dweeb stereotype. It is a thrilling warp in the fabric of time, where the hands of history stretch out beyond the muted tome. Lifted from stone words, the past is tangible, in plantation ruins; archaeology features; the jaw of a colonial dog; and the brown waters of Jamestown (it cannot be unseen!). Words can only convey so much of the essence of NIAHD: this account is a snippet of the places you will encounter, the people you will see, and the ideas that will challenge you.


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NIAHD Pre-Collegiate DOs and DON’Ts with Jefferson and Henry and Margaret

Dear Pre-Collegiate Students,

Hip! Hip! HUZZAH! It’s almost that most wonderful time of year: NIAHD time! Last year, I posted a list of ten rules that Pre-Collegiate students should follow. This year I decided to do something a little more different and creative. So, I will be presenting lists of 10 NIAHD DOs and 10 NIAHD DON’Ts with a little bit of written explanation and photo explanations with help from my two lovely assistants/ pretend NIAHD students, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Don’t get excited, it’s not the CW versions, who you will be seeing during the NIAHD program, but rather doll versions of the Founding Fathers. Yes, they are mine, not a younger relative’s dolls. I have no shame in admitting that. Well, let’s first go through what Pre-Collegiate shouldn’t do while they are at the program.


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