It Was Hot, and We Were Awesome

This weekend was kind of a giant sigh of relief for us, in more ways than one. Students enjoyed the break from classes, of course, while all of us were grateful that last weekend’s wild weather did not repeat itself!

Saturday, students again had the opportunity to experience archaeology firsthand at the Fairfield Plantation dig. Despite the heat, there was a fantastic turnout! Students dug holes, sifted dirt, got sweaty and dirty, and had a great time.

Other Saturday activities included a movie night, another Target run for those essential items and snacks, and the very necessary Sno-to-Go outing.

Sunday we continued to battle the oppressive heat as students attended their weekly overview lecture and put their past week’s field trips into a larger context. The Civil War class plus a couple of brave Colonial students then made their way into Colonial Williamsburg — transformed, just for the afternoon, into Civil War Williamsburg. Drew Gruber, another longtime friend of NIAHD, gave a fascinating tour of the town as it existed in the 19th century, a side not often explored.

Sunday was capped off by the final colonial dance lesson, followed by a brief discussion of the function of dance in colonial times.

We can’t believe there’s only one week to go!

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