“This is a Revolution darnnit! You’re going to have to offend somebody!”

**Written by Nichole Lidstrom

 The First Session of the NIAHD Pre-Collegiate program is particularly special because the Fourth of July falls precisely in the middle of the three-week course. Other than Philadelphia, is there any better place to celebrate this uniquely American holiday? The students braved the crowds in Colonial Williamsburg (aka CW) to see the programs offered specially today. They dressed to the nines in reds, whites, and blues, and a few students even wore period garb. A popular program in CW is the reading of the Declaration of Independence by several historical interpreters at the Capitol Building at the far end of the Historic Area.

In the afternoon, many students enjoyed a special NIAHD showing of the film 1776, an adaptation of the musical that whimsically depicts the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams, arguably the main character of the movie, is played by Mr. Feeny from the beloved TV Series Boy Meets World. Did our students enjoy a three-hour history musical? Let’s just say many laughs trickled out into the otherwise quiet halls of Blair Hall.

While the cafeteria offered delicious picnic fare throughout the day, many students snacked out at the Ice Cream Social in front of the Wren Building in the evening. They ate hot dogs and cake with ice cream (sold for a local charity) while listening to great music on the lawn of America’s oldest academic building still in use today.

In the evening, all the students and RPAs headed to the a grassy courtyard near the Regional Library to enjoy the Colonial Williamsburg fireworks. This year they changed the location of where they shoot them off so once the show started, we had to shuffle a bit to get the best view. Though sweaty and tired, the finale, a multi-colored menagerie of light, made the whole expedition worth it.

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