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James(town) and James(Monroe)

James(town)  vs. James(Monroe)
John Smith Standing in for Jamestown Island

James Monroe and his manager, Dolley

Thursday was a highlight of the Pre-Collegiate program for both the “Colonial” and “Civil War” courses, with visits to historic Jamestown Island and to the central Virginia home of President James Monroe.  Win-Win!
Jamestown Island Rediscovery
It is fortunate that the Colonials went to […]

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A Fantasmagorical Two Days!

Fantasmagorical–I did not make up that word!  It came from the mouth of Thomas Jefferson, or at least Bill Barker, who portrays Jefferson for Colonial Williamsburg, when he spoke to our students yesterday afternoon.  Though the Oxford English Dictionary does not recognize it as a word, fantasmagorical (fantastic, amazing, magical) sums up the Pre-Collegiate Program […]

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A Bear of a Day–Monday June 25

Day 1 Down–Day 2 Beginning!
The first day and half of the NIAHD Pre-Collegiate Program ended with relative quiet last night, and it is no mystery why.  Sunday afternoon and Monday are fast paced and overwhelming.  Sunday night the students were introduced to the instructional, administrative and residential staff of the program, followed by a brief overview of […]

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Pre-Collegiate Prep

Dear Pre-Collegiate students,

So, it’s almost time. This summer (next week for first session) you’ll be starting the NIAHD program in either the Jamestown to Revolution or Revolution to Civil War class. This experience will entail reading, writing, listening to speakers, trotting around various Virginia history sites, and, most importantly, cramming your head full of an […]

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